About Our Addiction Treatment

Twin Town Treatment Centers is a network of addiction treatment facilities in Los Angeles & Orange Counties, California, focusing on individuals with chemical dependencies including alcohol addiction and prescription or illicit drug abuse.

About Us

In Twin Town Treatment Center‘s outpatient settings, the client, while living in their natural living environment, can immediately practice concepts and techniques taught during the course of treatment. The strategies and benefits of such treatment can be translated immediately into the client’s life.

Effective drug treatment or addiction treatment must focus on:

• Physical Chemical Dependency
• Drug Addiction Related Thinking and Behavior

• Strained and Alienated Relationships
• The Spiritual Sense of Remorse, Hopelessness and Loneliness

How Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction Works

Drug addiction creates changes in the way the brain transmits information. Drugs appear to deplete the brain’s dopamine receptors, negatively affecting the addict’s ability to experience pleasure and reward without progressively increasing quantities of the drug. Abstinence from the drug of dependency creates symptoms of detoxification and craving. Drug treatment or addiction treatment must address these physical needs.

Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction results in an avoidance of sensation, emotion, and the perception of reality. Avoiding the consequences of personal choices and behavior — including the relief from pain and discomfort — would be counterproductive during the course of drug treatment. Ultimately, change must occur in how the addict thinks, perceives sensation and emotions, and behaves.

There will never be a successful approach to addiction treatment that does not address all of the core components of the disease: Medical, Emotional, and Spiritual (Body, Mind, and Spirit).

We find that providing education and counseling in an intensive outpatient rehab helps clients integrate and generalize their therapeutic gains in all aspects of their lives. New sobriety stressors can be brought directly from home or work into the outpatient rehab process. New behavioral skills and insights can be applied to work and home situations directly from the outpatient rehab setting.

The overwhelming majority of our outpatient rehab counselors are in recovery themselves. Our challenge is not to “re” sensitize our counselors to the client’s experience. It is instead to establish and maintain appropriate therapeutic distance and objectivity in the outpatient rehab group.


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Insurance Companies Accepted:

• Aetna® Behavioral Health
• APS Health Care
• APWU Health Plan
• Behavioral Health Systems
• Blue Cross®
• Cigna®
• CompCare®

• ComPsych®
• Coventry
• Foundation for Medical Care
• HealthCare Partners™
• HealthNet®
• Holman Group

• Integrated Health Plan
• Interface EAP
• HealthSmart / Interplan
• Lifesynch
• Magellan®
• Managed Health Network

• Motion Picture Industry
• MultiPlan
• St. Joseph Heritage
• Synermed
• United Health® Plan
• ValueOptions®