Drug Abuse Treatment Programs in Los Angeles, California

drugAt Twin Town Treatment Center of Los Angeles & Orange Counties, California, we strive to provide effective treatment programs for those who suffer from chemical dependency or drug abuse.

Chemical Dependency

Chemical dependency is a medical and psychosocial disease, and those who suffer from it are sick people, not bad people. Addicts do not have the ability to make the choices that most people make, and one does not simply “choose not to use.”

Addicts live to use, and use to live, continuing to use despite obvious and often dramatic negative consequences and concerns from others. They use more than they plan, and repeatedly fail at their attempts to quit.

Drug and alcohol addicts often display physical symptoms, social interaction changes, moodiness and hostility, changes in their thought process, and thoughts of suicide. These people can often benefit from addiction treatment that is designed to help them break the hold that chemicals have over them.

Alcohol Treatment and Drug Abuse Programs

The goal of the Twin Town Treatment Center‘s Outpatient Program is to initiate a process of recovery through guided practice in making natural, planned changes in behavior. Our anticipated outcome is a chemical-free, comfortable lifestyle for our clients. Programs are segregated by developmental age, with adolescent services (ages 12-17) and adult services (ages 18+) available. Our program emphasizes the following:

• Abstinence
• Relapse Prevention
• Education on the Medical Model of Addiction
• Family Codependency Counseling

• Problem Solving Skills
• Stress Management
• Family Communication Skills
• Recovery

• Addiction Assessment (includes Biological
Screens, Psychological and Social Functional
Assessments, and Substance Abuse History)

Family Program

Twin Town Treatment Center believes addiction to be a family illness, and that all family members are affected by the patient’s use of drugs or alcohol. The Multi-Family Program is designed to assist family member recovery for those whose lives have been affected by the behaviors and attitudes of their loved ones’ addiction.

Focus of the recovery program is on acceptance of the family member’s addiction and methods for producing the desired changes. Integration of the formal family program within 12-step community-based programs is encouraged as a focus of family recovery.


Programming for Relapse Prevention is considered an integral part of formal day treatment and outpatient addiction treatment services. Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease. Recovery is a lifelong prospect.

Program Components

• Intake and Assessment
• Assessment of Need or Referral for Medical Needs Assessment or History and Physical
• Admission Laboratory Work-Up
• Engagement in a Reinforced Program of Recovery
• Comprehensive Primary Care Group Addiction Counseling
• Assessment of Need or Referral to Ambulatory Detoxification and Inpatient Detoxification

• Comprehensive Multi-Family Group Addiction Counseling
• Comprehensive Continuing Care Program 4 Months in Duration
• Random Drug and Alcohol Testing
• Monthly Progress Updates (Phone and Written When Requested).
• Discharge Summary Phase 1 and Phase 3
• Ongoing Needs Assessment
• Individual Addiction Counseling


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